About Arthur

Arthur was a father. A brother. A husband.

He was a man of class. But he was never afraid to get his hands dirty.

He wore elegant suits to work during the day, and spent the nights chopping firewood.

He drove a pickup truck and drank whiskey, yet also loved gardening and naturopathic medicine.

He was rough around the edges, but had the biggest heart. And he’s the inspiration behind Arthur lip balms.

Arthur lip balms are designed for a man’s hands--the hands that build, chop, cut, fix, and sculpt. At 3x the size of regular lip balm, you’ll be able to grip and apply with ease. Our lip balms are made for you with all natural ingredients. All of our products are USDA certified organic, just as Arthur would have liked it. Good for you and good for the environment. They even come in three delicious flavors: Orange, Mint, and Coffee.

Arthur lip balms are for the rugged man. The man who loves adventure and the outdoors. The man with calloused hands and a little dirt under his fingernails. But that man also has class. Wears a pocket square with his suit. Clips his nails. He’s a family man that loves nature and has a taste for the finer things in life. He’s someone like Arthur.

Even the manliest men need relief from dry, chapped lips. Arthur Lip Balms: Man-sized lip balms for the man with great taste.

For The man

With Great taste